idhubs - About Us

Wakhal, Inc. is an Ontario incorporated startup venture. in the year 2019, Wakhal venture was among the top 3 finalists of the Muskoka4.0 nationwide competition , the finalist at Fundica Roadshow 2019 (Canada largest startup competition) and graduated from the Global Entrepreneur 2019 Startup Canada. Wakhal’s flagship platform product is called Community4E.

The Community4E platform is gaining significant traction as the next evolution of social media, based on trust, privacy, and protection for those who use it. Utilizing community-verified digital identity (CVDI), it leverages artificial intelligence and block-chain technologies making it un-comparable in its trustworthiness. With this approach, users can be connected to others through trusted and relevant channels that allow users to share opportunities, expose their talents, and cooperate in a virtual local ‘sharing economy’.

The platform offers white label web portal and custom branded app (iOS and Android) for the client organization. The solution is an integrated organization members collaboration tool i.e. intranet along with a custom branded interaction and engagement platform for its community members. The platform user experience is like their own social media platform. It acts as a modern intranet collaboration tool for aggregating organizations and their stakeholders. It also becomes a shared public facing website, where all community partners and stakeholders can share vetted information and promote their activities directly to the public. Because of the collaborative nature of the website, the white labeled platform becomes the ‘go to’ website for the most relevant and up to date information in a given field of expertise.

Community4E effectively can manage secured communications among staff and stakeholders, who can collaborate on documents, create and share an event calendar, deliver secured messages, create and conduct opinion pools, and more. This platform is perfect for communities in general and specifically associations and large corporations that want to manage teams.