IDHUBS enhances your personal brand value and expands your social network.

Your personal brand matters. IHDUBS offers an advance digital solution that facilitates your social networking and enhances personal branding.

Global Digital Identity

Digital identity has passed the stage of concept-proof and, for a growing number of public stakeholders and citizens, it's already a day-to-day reality. IDHUBS is designed so that each user shall be verified digitally to become a member of a trust-based community.

Personal Website

Your personal website, from development, setting up, launching to maintenance, is our job. IHDUBS helps you build credibility, expand your social network, and enhance your personal brand value.

Integrated Interactive Resume

Statistics show an interactive resume on your personal website helps shape your professional image, stand out from the crowd, and increase your employment chance.

Social Networking

In 2019, there were around 2.77 billion people using social media platforms and this number keeps rising. IDHUBS encompasses various essential features of leading social media platforms in the world to suit the different purposes of users. As a digitally verified social platform, IDHUBS cultivates and develops a healthier global online community for networking, sharing, discovery and entertainment. Our unique combination of features empowers users to manage multiple discovery mediums and multiple social media accounts.

Access to Additional Features

As a professional user of IDHUBS, you are given access to our features like:

  • Access to the communities relevant to your career and your business
  • Vetted Social Media
  • Interactive and dynamic features, blogs, videos.
  • Integrated with social networks and social sharing, SEO tools.
  • Real-time interaction with awesome People
  • Vetted Contents - No fake news
  • No Advertisement
  • Secure Document Management
  • E-commerce for professional services