Building a Strong Trust-based Community

Your online community is an integral part of your ecosystem. IDHUBS' Controlled Online Community solution is designed based on Web3.0 and with a community focus, which transforms social media's quality and content and allows greater connectivity and interaction of social community members in a controlled manner.

One Place for All Social Media Accounts

Just relax—no more hassle of jumping from one social media platform to another. IDHUBS is a social media platform where you can manage and moderate all your social media accounts. Yes, it is that easy and all is under your control.

Digitally Verified Members Only

Digital identity verification is critical to an increasingly digitized society. It already is a regulatory requirement in many sectors, beginning with the financial industry. IDHUBS is one of the first digital platforms in the world that is built for a trust-based society of the future. IDHUBS connects only those digitally verified, laying the foundation for a trust-based community, enabling you to connect with those you can trust.

Based on Web3.0

IDHUBS is quite uniquely designed based on Web 3.0, which has transformed not only the quality and content of social media but also allowed for greater connectivity and interaction for social networking.

Facilitates Customer Discovery and Fosters Brand Loyalty

The importance of social media in marketing and branding cannot be overstated. It is a must-have to any organization, public or private. IDHUBS's community focus approach is more effective in customer discovery and fostering brand loyalty, and it also increases conversion.

Building a Strong Community

Covid-19 may bring a reversal of globalization and reshoring of major manufacturing activities. As a result, local communities are expected to play an even more significant role in economic and social development. There is strong evidence to suggest that social networks can improve the socio-economic well-being of communities. IDHUBS helps build a stronger community of shared interests, tasks, and professions through community-focused social media to allow members to stay informed, connected, engaged, and mutually supportive.