End to End Ecosystem Collaborations & Enterprise Social Media delivered through white label solution for Organizations
Communication and Collaboration
  • ✦ Ecosystem Management
  • ✦ Team Collaboration
  • ✦ Team Communication - Instant Chat & Video
  • ✦ Task Management
  • ✦ Document Sharing
  • ✦ Create and Conduct Polls
  • ✦ Event Management
  • ✦ Appointment Management
  • ✦ Dashboard
Enterprise Social Network & Online Communities
  • ✦ Your trust-based digital community
  • ✦ Your managed community social media
  • ✦ New member discovery
  • ✦ Manage social media feeds via your own website
  • ✦ Your community blogs
  • ✦ Crowdfunding for social cause
  • ✦ Social survey and opinion polls
  • ✦ Vetted information sharing for knowledge transfer
  • ✦ Earn rewards and social credits
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Community Focused eMarketplace
  • ✦ Focused eMarketplace
  • ✦ Self Branded Storefront
  • ✦ Multiple Payments
  • ✦ Engage with your Customer
  • ✦ Custom store URL
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Redefine your Digital Identity –Tap into Untapped Opportunity
  • ✦ Interactive Resume with Security
  • ✦ Personal Branding, personal website
  • ✦ Integrated Social media, blogs, post feeds
  • ✦ Personal Branding with Custom URL
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