IDHUBS transforms collaboration through a complete digital experience, providing possibilities for efficiency gains and customer intimacy.

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As a new generation SaaS platform, IDHUBS provides the digital infrastructure to facilitate and foster a global trust-based ecosystem. IDHUBS transforms enterprise collaboration through a complete digital experience to achieve efficiency gains and customer intimacy. IDHUBS enhances community engagement and development with a community-focused e-marketplace and social media, and personal branding, ultimately becoming the source of self-sovereign identity.



IDHUBS provides the digital infrastructure for a global trust-based digital ecosystem delivered through a new-generation integrated SaaS platform. IDHUBS transforms enterprise collaboration and community engagement through a complete digital experience. We create value for our customers by offering a comprehensive set of digital solutions for communication and collaboration, community e-marketplace and social media, and personal branding, ultimately becoming the global source of self-sovereign identity (SSI).

IDHUBS exists for our customers. Creating customer value is at the center of our business. We offer the following cost-effective digital solutions at the choice of customers:

  • ID4ORG :
    a. Collaboration - our innovative SaaS platform for enterprise collaboration and stakeholder engagement (white label portal along with custom-branded app (iOS and Android) to achieve efficiency gains within the organization and in the entire ecosystem ;
    b. Enterprise Social Network & Online Community – a social media solution for managing your Online Community to provide better customer/stakeholder experience and generate revenue growth through closer interaction and engagement among community members;
  • IDHUBMART – a community-focused B2C& B e-marketplace to support community economic development and prosperity;
  • IDHUBS – a platform of personal branding with interactive resumes, social media and social networking to enhance personal brand value and employability;
VIDEO – Our real-time communication solution with audio and video calls and instant messaging to ensure corporate agility, resilience and productivity during and after the Covid pandemic.

IDHUBS was built upon Web3.0, AI & Blockchain, and we endeavor to ensure our continued technological advancement.


We reorganize information to allow the personal autonomy of your digital identity for building a trust-based digital society of the future.


"IDHubs is exactly what we are looking for, a community platform that is private, secure and enables engagement across multiple innovation cells, time zones and cultures. The platform will allow our Startup Visa applicants to engage with the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem well in advance of immigrating to the region and will develop our cross cultural ties to international markets. It will also allow our local startups to capitalize on the phenomenal talent that exists in the region and abroad and supports our very deliberate polycentric development of the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem." – Sherry Colbourne

President & CEO - Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre.

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"We are excited to implement our programming on this platform which will allow for more cross-collaboration that is no longer limited by geographical location. Other key outcomes we aim to achieve through Communityhubs is improved reporting, more extensive client data, and a reduction in the overall administrative footprint of running an incubator." – John Gillis

President and CEO - Innovation Cluster, Peterborugh & Kawarthas.

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"We believe that by leveraging the IDHubs platform, a virtual incubator can be created which will allow for more cross collaboration that is no longer limited by geographical location. The platform would help:

  • All participants in the organization involves in a positive proactive way.
  • Allowing this platform for extensive reporting on client interactions as well as a single source for client data.
  • Ability to manage and collaborate the events and communications among the cluster participants.
Ontario is a very small environment compared to the innovation that is happening in the US and in Europe. This product will allow for a more global perspective for incubation and allow for companies within Ontario to be more competitive on the global market. This product might also allow for Ontario to be more favorable when other companies are looking for a North America beachhead for their innovating company.."
– Michael Skinner

Founder - Innovation Cluster, Peterborugh & Kawarthas.

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"IDHubs platform has helped to fulfill our need in collaboration, communication and sharing our event planning etc. among our business community and the stake holders.

Also, with this platform introduction we are able to save costs for businesses – providing an interactive business profile, earn fees as part of the upsell to other services provided on the platform and save costs for community partners with a shared calendar of events and regular updates to businesses."
– Stuart Morley

Executive Director - Parry Sound Muskoka Community Network.