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IDhubs Community

Our community is growing. We help connecting your community through organizations.

IDhubs community is the first social platform of digitally verified people from around the world. IDhubs's Communityhubs platform is gaining significant traction as the next evolution of Integrated Collaboration Platform using social media's best practices, based on trust, privacy, and protection for those who use it. Utilizing community-verified digital identity (CVDI), it leverages artificial intelligence, block-chain technologies and Web3.0 making it un-comparable in its trustworthiness. With this approach, users can be connected to others through trusted and relevant channels that allow users to share opportunities, expose their talents, and cooperate in a virtual local 'sharing economy'.

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The platform offers white label web portal and custom branded app (iOS and Android) for the client organization. The solution is an integrated members collaboration tool i.e. intranet along with a custom branded interaction and engagement platform for its community members. The platform user experience is like their own social media platform. It acts as a modern intranet collaboration tool for aggregating organizations and their stakeholders. It also becomes a shared public facing website, where all community partners and stakeholders can share vetted information and promote their activities directly to the public. Because of the collaborative nature of the website, the white labeled platform becomes the 'go to' website for the most relevant and up to date information in a given field of expertise.

Communityhubs can effectively manage secured communications among staff and stakeholders, who can collaborate on documents, create and share event calendars, deliver secured messages, create and conduct opinion polls, and more. This platform is perfect for communities in general and specifically associations and large corporations that want to manage teams.



Organization Team Collaboration

  • With Communityhubs collaborative solutions, there's no longer a need to be in the same room at the same time to work on the same project.
  • Enables teams to brainstorm, contribute individual ideas and perspectives, share resources, make decisions, and reach goals together — all from different locations. In short, it bridges the gap between discussions and actions like never before.
  • Increases productivity by 20 to 30% by using Communityhubs collaboration tools.

In summary, IDhubs platform offers an integrated solution that can be used as:

  • Community engagement portal.
  • Intranet for organizations.
  • Local community interaction and collaboration platform, share events, opinion polls etc.
  • Website collaboration platform – contents are crowd-sourced from the organization's members and the most relevant content in the community is approved by the administrator and broadcasted to the publicly facing website.
  • Offers as a white label web portal and custom branded app (iOS and Android).


"Communityhubs is exactly what we are looking for, a community platform that is private, secure and enables engagement across multiple innovation cells, time zones and cultures. The platform will allow our Startup Visa applicants to engage with the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem well in advance of immigrating to the region and will develop our cross cultural ties to international markets. It will also allow our local startups to capitalize on the phenomenal talent that exists in the region and abroad and supports our very deliberate polycentric development of the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem." – Sherry Colbourne

President & CEO - Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre.

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"We are excited to implement our programming on this platform which will allow for more cross-collaboration that is no longer limited by geographical location. Other key outcomes we aim to achieve through Communityhubs is improved reporting, more extensive client data, and a reduction in the overall administrative footprint of running an incubator." – John Gillis

President and CEO - Innovation Cluster, Peterborugh & Kawarthas.

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"We believe that by leveraging the Communityhubs platform, a virtual incubator can be created which will allow for more cross collaboration that is no longer limited by geographical location. The platform would help:

  • All participants in the organization involves in a positive proactive way.
  • Allowing this platform for extensive reporting on client interactions as well as a single source for client data.
  • Ability to manage and collaborate the events and communications among the cluster participants.
Ontario is a very small environment compared to the innovation that is happening in the US and in Europe. This product will allow for a more global perspective for incubation and allow for companies within Ontario to be more competitive on the global market. This product might also allow for Ontario to be more favorable when other companies are looking for a North America beachhead for their innovating company.."
– Michael Skinner

Founder - Innovation Cluster, Peterborugh & Kawarthas.

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"Communityhubs platform has helped to fulfill our need in collaboration, communication and sharing our event planning etc. among our business community and the stake holders.

Also, with this platform introduction we are able to save costs for businesses – providing an interactive business profile, earn fees as part of the upsell to other services provided on the platform and save costs for community partners with a shared calendar of events and regular updates to businesses."
– Stuart Morley

Executive Director - Parry Sound Muskoka Community Network.

Collaboration of Events, Conferences and Donation-Based Crowdfunding.

  • Single dashboard or collaboration platform that provides visibility enabling team cohesiveness and stakeholder engagement, communication, and reporting.
  • Strengthen relationships by inviting clients or vendors to watch and comment live as you make changes within the invitation that they can see.
  • Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish by storing files for any event in one place.
  • Event Planning (Free or Paid) of any Category
  • Most competitive transaction fees.
  • Crowd Management and Revenue Collection.
  • Donation-Based Crowdfunding management & report.
  • As easy as 1,2,3 to manage.
  • Offers as a white label web portal and custom branded app (iOS and Android).

Business Profile

We simplify the technology and help to start sharing your business idea and expertise to the world effortlessly!

  • Responsive business profile and easy to re-brand.
  • Interactive and dynamic features, blogs, videos, location map guide.
  • Integrated with social networks and social sharing, SEO tools.
  • Feedback, Manage Members, Activity Feed, Opinion Poll etc.
  • Ecommerce/Marketplace Solution — Upload a product, add description, set a price, sell it!
  • Represents the common community marketplace virtually.
  • Easy to use as 1, 2, 3!

Interactive Resume

We help to present you better in front of your Professional Network. Brand is everything today!

  • Responsive busines profile and easy to re-brand.
  • Interactive and dynamic features, blogs, videos.
  • Integrated with social networks and social sharing, SEO tools.
  • Feedback, Manage Members, Activity Feed, Opinion Poll etc.
  • Start selling your professional services right away!
  • Connect with like minded professionals.
  • Easy to use as 1, 2, 3!

The confidence when you Interact with awesome people

Meeting and interections via trusted sources.

We bring you closer to your friends by connecting and helping you collaborate with likeminded and trusted people whom you know already or who is within your trusted network.






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