an ecosystem solution empowering you to work, collaborate and conduct business digitally, anytime and anywhere.

Build and Co-Create Your Organizational
Digital Ecosystem

Stay interconnected and interact with each other to support the business objectives and operations of an organization.

Organizational Brand Building

developing a clear brand message, creating a consistent brand image and experience, and effectively communicating the brand to the target audience.

Enhanced Collaboration

facilitate collaboration among employees, partners, and customers by providing access to shared resources and tools.

Improved Efficiency

streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and reduce the time and resources required to complete tasks.

Increased Innovation & Agility

foster innovation by enabling access to a wide range of technology tools to test new ideas and quickly adapt to changing business trends.

Greater Insights

provide access to data and analytics that can help an organization make more informed decisions.

Greater Scalability

support the growth of an organization by making it easier to add new products, services, and locations without incurring significant additional costs.

Fully Integrated
Plug and Play Features

A Comprehensive Suite Of Popular Features

Most Cost-Effective Solution In The Market

Only Customer-Centric Ecosystem Solution

A Web3 Multilingual Digital Ecosystem Solution


Enterprise Communication & Collaboration

idhubs helps build your digital workforce and redefine the modern digital workplace. With idhubs’s unified communication and collaboration solutions, we help organizations reduce operational costs, increase productivity and inclusivity, and enhance agility and competitiveness.

Seamless Real-Time Communication

idhubs offers a unified real-time communication solution that allows seamless real-time audio and video communication with the following features:

Instant chat and messaging

Interactive video conferencing

Screen sharing, whiteboards, photos, videos, and files, etc.

Connect from browser or Apps

Ability to invite external participants

Video interaction with up to 250 people

Built in Solutions

idhubs offers an All-in-One SaaS ecosystem solution with curated functionality and features suitable for any size organization.

A white label web portal and custom branded app (iOS and Android)

Intranet of organizations

Focused community interaction and collaboration platform for sharing events, opinion polls, etc.

Can be integrated with all other solutions and apps

Document management and reporting

Easy accessiblility


Event Management, Crowdfunding and Public Surveys Made Easier.

Managing an event, crowdfund or an opinion poll can be time consuming. With idhubs,  managing the whole procedure can be performed through an online easy to use process. The entire process allows for a seamless experience for the visitors and greater control for the organizer.

A full visibility online process

Seamless digital experience for organizers and participants

Complete user control

Easy to use

Boosting Organizational Performance

Use of social media for marketing and branding is a valuable tool for any organization.

idhubs’ focused community building is the most effective approach for the growth of an organization.

The idhubs solution can provide your customer with better insight and initiate an easier sales conversion.


Building A Digital Ecosystem Around Your Organization

There is strong evidence to suggest that social networks can improve the socio-economic well-being of communities. idhubs helps build a stronger and focused community allowing members to stay informed, connected, engaged, and mutually supportive.

Focused community engagement platform

Share common interests, information and updates

Stay connected anywhere at anytime


"Rojit and his team at idhubs have been a wonderful partner of the Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce. Rojit has been building an ecosystem of collaboration and communication that is exciting and new. We decided to use the survey mechanism in idhubs to engage our Membership and community for the Bracebridge Business Awards and during this covid crisis. We have used idhubs for surveying our Membership week over week during this covid crisis. Using this platform gave us easy access to the information businesses in our community were providing and allowed us to share it with partners and all levels of government for our advocacy efforts."

Brenda Rhodes

Executive Director - Bracebridge Chamber of Commerce

"SkyEye has and is using the idhubs for our Pacific Games Identification that manages the Identification of over 10,000 participants of the Pacific Games in Samoa 2019. Our experience in working with IDHUBS has been a pleasure in designing the system that works best for our

IDHUBS platform was very easy to use and features available to have like-minded individuals to create a space for their interest and feel the close connection even though it is a virtual connection is unique.

Overall, highly value our relationship with Rojit and IDHUBS."

S Saili

CEO - SkyEye Pacific

"IDHubs is exactly what we are looking for, a community platform that is private, secure and enables engagement across multiple innovation cells, time zones and cultures. The platform will allow our Startup Visa applicants to engage with the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem well in advance of immigrating to the region and will develop our cross cultural ties to international markets. It will also allow our local startups to capitalize on the phenomenal talent that exists in the region and abroad and supports our very deliberate polycentric development of the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem."

Sherry Colbourne

President & CEO - Spark Commercialization and Innovation Centre

How it Works

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