End to End Ecosystem Collaborations & Enterprise Social Media delivered through white label solution for Organizations
Communication and Collaboration
  • ✦ Ecosystem Management
  • ✦ Team Collaboration
  • ✦ Team Communication - Instant Chat & Video
  • ✦ Task Management
  • ✦ Document Sharing
  • ✦ Create and Conduct Polls
  • ✦ Event Management
  • ✦ Appointment Management
  • ✦ Dashboard
Enterprise Social Network & Online Communities
  • ✦ Your trust-based digital community
  • ✦ Your managed community social media
  • ✦ New member discovery
  • ✦ Manage social media feeds via your own website
  • ✦ Your community blogs
  • ✦ Crowdfunding for social cause
  • ✦ Social survey and opinion polls
  • ✦ Vetted information sharing for knowledge transfer
  • ✦ Earn rewards and social credits
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Community Focused eMarketplace
  • ✦ Focused eMarketplace
  • ✦ Self Branded Storefront
  • ✦ Multiple Payments
  • ✦ Engage with your Customer
  • ✦ Custom store URL
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Redefine your Digital Identity –Tap into Untapped Opportunity
  • ✦ Interactive Resume with Security
  • ✦ Personal Branding, personal website
  • ✦ Integrated Social media, blogs, post feeds
  • ✦ Personal Branding with Custom URL
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idhubs offers many ready to activate features for all your business needs

Business Representing Website in a Minutes
Create a website tailored to your business
Custom Domain (yourdomain.com)
Create your own web address and custom domain email addresses
Custom Branded App (Android & iOS)
Own your white-labeled personalized mobile App to grow your sales and build a wider audience
Intranet for Organization
Secure, easy-to-use and fast deployed intranet
Video Conferencing
Make remote working & collaboration possible anytime & anywhere
Instant Chat one-2-one or Group Chat
Elevate efficiency and productivity through seamless real-time communication
Events Management
Manage events of any type and scale easily, efficiently and at a lower cost
Opinion Polls and Surveys
Turn surveys and opinion polls into a fun process

Making fundraising smart and easy
Contests and Competitions
Organize and manage contests & competitions with ease
Document sharing
Sharing any files/documents anytime, anywhere
Create Forms with 1,2,3 easy steps
Creating sophisticated forms is as easy as ABC

Customer Relationship Management
Develop stronger relationships and increase customer value
User-generated Knowledge Zone & Practice
Enable your company/community to become a knowledge sharing zone and a learning organization
Fine-grained Security Control
Meet your compliance and security requirements while allowing you to reap the benefits of large-scale data aggregation
Team Collaboration
Enable users to work collaboratively on the web

Allows you to keep on top of everything you do
Integrated Social Media & Blog
Benefit from joined social media and blogging efforts
Integrated Social media post feeds
One post feeds all of your social media accounts
Self-Payment Setup
Check out speedily & hassle free

Interactive Resume & personal Website
Build your personal brand through personal website and Interactive Resume
Mobile Commerce
In addition to desktop ecommerce, our custom app allows to manage online transactions anytime and anywhere
White-label Local Social Media
Empower your branded social media marketing, to reach new customers, grow your brand visibility and sales
Easy Login using Social Media Accounts
Use one-click login using your social media accounts

White-label B2C & B2B
Our solution supports a hybrid of B2C retail and B2B wholesale transactions under your brand
Headless Commerce
Separating the customer interaction from the ecommerce functions, it offers a way for brands and retailers to more easily tap into emerging e-commerce mediums like voice, text, mobile, and more
Subscription Ecommerce
Our ecommerce solution supports subscription ecommerce of services and consumer goods, etc. providing superior end-to-end experience through automated purchase
E-marketplace & Storefront
Our Plug & Play solution allows you to build your marketplace or storefront at your choice with no coding skills required

Personal Scheduling
Managing your calendar effectively for greater productivity and time saving
Digital Verified Members Only
Our multi-layer verification procedure ensures proper authentication of each member before being allowed into the group/community
Moderated Social Media
Our new generation technology facilitates a healthy online community consisting of only digitally verified members and the moderation of online contents on vetted social media
Social Commerce
Our advanced social commerce solution allows you to sell your products/services instantly anytime and anywhere

All-in-one SaaS
Provides an all-in-one solution that incorporates key functionalities and features of many digital platforms. Users can manage them from one central location, saving time and costs
Data analytics
Data analytics features make your platform data smart by predicting user behavior helping to business owners
Email Marketing
A user-friendly email marketing tool that enables you to create professionally designed and highly engaging email newsletters with an easy interface (drag-and-drop editor)
IDHUBS Ecosystem
Connect and engage with like-minded people in your community and beyond